Katie and James

Ceremony Venue: Old Wollongong Courthouse
Portraits Venues: Old Lighthouse, Flagstaff Hill, Wollongong City Beach

This super-sweet mid-week mid-day elopement took place at the Old Wollongong Courthouse with only very few family members present. Katie and James were every bit the low-key relaxed bride and groom who didn’t place too much importance on where and when, but rather who and I do!

Weddings at the courthouse are very short and sweet, but we didn’t need long for the eyes of the guests to start watering; it was beautiful and heartfelt.
After a few quick family snaps out the front of the courthouse, we wandered around Wollongong’s harbour to the old lighthouse and the new lighthouse – where we spotted a very nice Harley with it’s owner nearby. He graciously allowed our newlyweds a picture on the bike, which made for a special shot as James loves his bikes but could not incorporate his own into the day.

We then proceeded to the historic rockpool and onwards to City Beach to take a few more snaps, including some to highlight Katie’s passion of ballet. We made the most of the clear, cloudless sky to create images that were just as stunning as our couple.

Published by Chloe Ianni

I am a Wollongong based photographer who specializes in small weddings and on-location portraits.