Once Upon A Time…

There was the story of you.

Step into a world where your true essence is captured in every frame.
Whether we’re exploring the great outdoors or capturing the intimacy of your own home, I’ll guide you through a relaxed and comfortable session, ensuring you feel at ease in front of the camera.
Together, we’ll create stunning images that showcase the beauty of your surroundings and celebrate your individuality. Get ready to embark on a journey of connection and emotion as we capture the moments that matter most.

Storytelling Packages


There are three all-inclusive packages to choose from, with the option to add extra keepsakes. See below the packages for extra add-ons to make your package truly special.

The Snippet Session

A two-hour experience capturing your unique love story with personalized styling. Perfect for Couples.

The Storybook Session

Immerse yourself in a half-day adventure, creating an enchanting art gallery that tells your family’s tale. Great for families who want something a little more special.

The Anthology Session

A huge a six-hour session, capturing the joy of large groups and creating lasting memories. Designed for family reunions and groups of friends.

The Snippet Session

Love has a story, and yours deserves to be seen. The Snippet Session is a heartfelt journey that captures the essence of your connection. Whether it’s an engagement, maternity, or a couple’s session, together we curate the perfect setting, selecting the most enchanting wardrobe, and choosing the ideal time of day to capture the true essence of who you are. Within two loaded hours, we craft an intimate experience, where every frame reflects you. No limits on the number of pictures taken—every fleeting glance, every gentle touch, every whispered word is captured. Cherish these moments forever with a custom USB and digital gallery, sharing your love with your nearest and dearest.

The Snippet Session includes:

  • Up to TWO hours of session time
  • We plan together the styling of wardrobe, location and time of day to make the session more ABOUT you than just “OF” you!
  • No cap on pictures taken. The gallery will then be curated and edited, you keep all the images that make it into the gallery.
  • A customised USB with gift box as well as a digital gallery with shareable link

for $700 $630

The Storybook Session

Step into a world of enchantment and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. The Storybook Session is a captivating experience designed for families and children, where we go beyond simply capturing smiles. Immerse yourself in a half-day adventure, where every moment is thoughtfully styled and themed, with extensive wardrobe, props, and scenery curation that come together to weave a beautiful tale. No limits, no boundaries—unleash your imagination as we curate a stunning art gallery that tells your unique story. With a custom USB and digital gallery, you can relive these magical moments and share them with loved ones. Option to transform a part of your gallery into a captivating storybook, specially crafted for young hearts. Let us bring your dreams to life!

The Storybook Session includes:

  • A HALF DAY session run time of up to FOUR hours!
  • Fully styled and themed with extensive wardrobe, props and scenery planning – No cap on pictures taken. The gallery will then be curated and edited, you keep all the images that make it into the gallery.
  • A customised USB with gift box as well as a digital gallery with shareable link
  • Option to pay extra and have part of the gallery converted into a small storybook with a storyline, designed for young children.

for $900 $810

The Anthology Session

Celebrate the power of togetherness with the Anthology Session. Gather your loved ones, whether it’s your extended family or a group of friends, and embark on an epic six-hour adventure of joy and connection. Wardrobe choices that showcase your unique personalities, and carefully selected locations that transport you to a world of beauty and immersion. No moment goes unnoticed, as we capture the laughter, the stories, and the love shared between every individual. Embrace the power of unity and create an extraordinary legacy to be treasured for generations. With a custom USB and digital gallery, everyone can relive the magic again and again.

The Anthology Session includes:

  • Full coverage at SIX hours of session time
  • We design a wardrobe with everyone in mind – something to suit your budget but easily accessible, and cohesive so that no one feels left out.
  • We pick a location to complement the vibe we are going for, and centre some of the images based on the location to create an immersive and beautiful set of images.
  • No cap on pictures taken. The gallery will then be curated and edited, you keep all the images that make it into the gallery.
  • A customised USB with gift box as well as a digital gallery with shareable link – Option to add extra customised USBs and gift boxes so there is enough to go around, at an additional cost.

for $1200 $1080

Prints and Additional Products

Gallery-quality prints can be purchased at additional cost, with prices provided upon request. I source my prints through a local printer with many options to ensure you get the best quality with prints that do not fade over time, from small 4×6 inch prints to huge 40 inch canvases!

You can also choose to purchase additional USBs and keepsake boxes, or to upgrade an included USB:

Product:Purchase Price
Additional Basic Silver USB and Keepsake Box$50
Additional Custom Wood USB and Keepsake Box$100
Upgraded Custom Wood USB and Prints Keepsake Box$200
Storybook addition for Storybook Session$200
Slideshow timed to music for Snippet Session$50
Slideshow timed to music for Storybook Session$80
Slideshow timed to music for Anthology Session$100

Please note that prints, customised USBs and customised boxes will take additional time to be ordered and arrive.

Second time I have had a family shoot with Chloe and once again she was amazing! Not only are the photos gorgeous but she is so professional and was very patient with my son who just wanted to run around. She makes it fun and is more than accommodating. Thank you again Chloe, we love every single photo!


Chloe Marie Artistry

Photography captures a fleeting moment forever. Using stunning locations around the Illawarra as the canvas for your most precious memories, Chloe Marie Artistry guarantees these minutes will last a lifetime. 

Chloe Marie Artistry is based in Kiama, NSW.

I am happy to answer any enquiries on any week day!

Email is currently the best way to contact me as my phone will be off while I work.


Servicing the following areas: Illawarra and Wollongong, South Coast, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands