A Little Bit About Me.


In short:
This is me. A 25 year old media artist, specialising in photography and digital manipulations. Living in Wollongong, earning (no) money as a full-time student.

The life story:
Since I was born in Liverpool, I had a propensity for theatrics that my mother had always tried to channel into creative practices. First it was the crayons, then the drama classes, choir, painting, digital painting, and even music lessons.

I graduated from Macquarie Fields High School in 2009 after having completed 3 creative subjects – music, art and drama – despite warnings from the year advisor. My efforts in creating works for my HSC as well as graphic design for the school newsletter were put together into a portfolio that gained me early entry into a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Media Arts at the University of Wollongong. It was through my early media studies that I discovered a love of film and digital animation, so after one year of study, I transferred into the Bachelor of Digital Media.

During my Digital Media studies I picked up a dSLR camera and quickly became attached to it. In late 2012, a love of photography was born and I began saving up for my very own camera; tax time rolled around, and I had enough money to purchase a Canon EOS 60D. A passionate affair ensued. I received my certificate IV in Screen and Media through the university and the TAFE’s joint program.

A prior love of the outdoors and nature was bred into me from the moment I was brought home from the hospital. According to my mother, my very first word was “tree”; so it was only natural that I was drawn to nature as my subject matter. This paid off for me as in 2013 I was awarded 1st place for the Waterways category in the Macarthur Nature Photography Competition.

In 2014 I ended up taking a gap year from my studies while I focussed on building my own photography business and began to photograph portraits for families after purchasing a Canon 5D MkII . I returned to my studies in 2015, although health issues saw me having to withdraw from most of my subjects. These issues rattled on somewhat into early 2016. I took solace in shooting as much nature as I could on the days I was able to go outside.

With more shooting experience under my belt, I began to branch out into more artistic forms of natural lighting portraiture photography. With renewed vigor from finally being healthy again, I transferred from the Bachelor of Digital Media as I was unhappy with my progress and began a Double Arts Major in Photography and Digital Media and Communications. I now seek to continue my portraiture work in more stylised genres, expanding into more studio work. I will also work towards breaking my conventional work flow by incorporating other forms of media into my photography, such as traditional crafts like crochet and knitting.

It is my goal one day to work for a start-up media company and carry it to success, rising through the ranks to become a Creative Director, helping other business thrive creatively.