Brooke and Mark

Venue: Bundeena CSC
Portraits: Bundeena Wharf/Berenice Forster Park

Short, sweet, personal and intimate – one of the many ways we can sum up the ceremony of Brooke and Mark at Bundeena CSC.

These two had actually been hitched a few days prior by a colleague, who then officiated the ceremony for them as well. Guests got to witness the beautiful Brooke being escorted by her son to her husband Mark, followed by the exchange of wedding rings, vows and sealed with a kiss.

Prior to the ceremony included a private and sweet first look with Brooke’s son, while Mark mingled with their many wonderful guests. They would go on to have their low-key reception after photo-hour in the CSC function room, with the cake cutting happening as soon as they entered. Speeches followed afterwards which meant that most of the formal parts were out of the way quickly so they could go on to party afterwards.

Photo hour took place with the wedding party along the busy Bundeena Wharf and park next to it. Lots of laughs and cheeky jokes made it hard to keep the camera pointed straight. Didn’t they all look amazing?

Kerry and Luke

Ceremony and Portraits Venue: MacArthur Park, Camden
Post-Wedding Celebration: MacArthur Tavern

Here’s one that’ll be hard to forget! This cozy wedding took place in Camden and radiated warmth – and I’m not just talking about the 35 degree weather! Kerry and Luke were accompanied by their closest family members and friends at their secret ceremony on a lively Saturday with many unexpected onlookers close by, making the most of the last warmth in Autumn.

Kerry was accompanied down the very long aisle (from the park gate to beyond the playground) by both her father and Kerry and Luke’s gorgeous little daughter. I had to fight back tears as I watched Luke become emotional at the arrival of his stunning bride. Their daughter served as emotional support, occasionally hopping off of grandad’s lap to hold hands with mum and dad throughout the ceremony.

The ceremony included so many personal touches, including quite a fiery sparkler union ceremony (oops) and even a bodyguard to test the bubble recessional exit. The bubble machine perched at the end of the aisle was very effective at creating a festive path for our newlyweds and their daughter at the end.

Given the heat of the day, we found refuge during our portraits in the fern section of the gardens, taking some gorgeous and moody images.

Before we headed to the “reception”, here’s where the secret was spilled – the rest of their friends and family had been invited to Kerry and Luke’s “engagement” party at Macarthur Tavern, where a staff member had the job of informing the crowd that “due to unforeseen circumstances, we won’t be celebrating the engagement this evening. Instead we’d like you all to welcome Mr and Mrs Hallam!”. Our bride and groom were swarmed by endless happy – and surprised – loved ones. They then celebrated with some light catering and heavy chatter for the rest of the evening!

(Advance warning – this gallery is HUGE! It is just too hard to pick favourites!)

Alison and David

Venue: Wollongong Botanic Gardens

Alison and David’s wedding day was a beautiful and intimate celebration of their love. The couple got ready separately in different rooms of their home, eagerly anticipating their first look. Their best friends, who also served as the best man and maid of honour, watched with joy as they shared a special moment in their little courtyard.

Their ceremony took place in the rose garden section of Wollongong Botanic Gardens, surrounded by their closest family and friends. The handfasting ceremony was a beautiful expression of their commitment to each other, and I had the honor of capturing every moment.

The couple opted for an elopement package, which included two hours of coverage, plus an extra hour for prep and a first look. I was able to capture stunning portraits during the last hour, taking advantage of the beautiful garden surroundings and natural light. Along the way the newlyweds were greeted by garden visitors, ducks, geese and even water dragons.

They were then ushered away by limo to their honeymoon destination on the south coast. The whole event was short and sweet, but the impact will live on for the rest of their lives in the hearts of the lucky few in attendance.