Wedding – Brittany and Adam

BrittanyParrisWedding_LR-3It was a brisk morning around Belmore Basin but the sun was shining bright with few clouds on the horizon. The sandstone brickwork of the Old Wollongong Courthouse provided a wonderful backdrop for some family shots while we waited for the bride to arrive. There was a nervous, but excited anticipation in the air filled with the sound of warm laughter and chitter-chatter amongst the families. Everyone gathered by the side of the courthouse to welcome our blushing bride Brittany, with Adam waiting at the end of the path, back turned, for an impromptu first-look.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, short and sweet. The hall of the courthouse was dim, sunlight filtering through the high windows straight towards the couple. The salmon coloured walls emanated warmth and romance. While the room was small, the quiet voices of the celebrant and our couple echoed off the floorboards for everyone to hear.

It only took 15 minutes and our couple were married, faces beaming with joy as if they’d waited an eternity for this moment. The family rallied around the couple, just as pleased to see the union finally happen and to give their congratulations with the shaking of hands and embracing of new family members.

As we took some family portraits inside the courthouse, everyone but our couple filtered outside to greet our newlyweds out in the glowing sun. We took the opportunity to take our large family group shot and some mix-match family formals, and as they all headed up to the lighthouse for more photos, our couple stayed behind for a few more in front of the stunning sandstone arches.

While up at the lighthouse the clouds came rolling in. Beams of light shone in the distance over the Illawarra Escarpment providing some gorgeous backlighting, which compliment the picked-up breeze and dramatic cloudscape perfectly. Though we were due to do more formals in the afternoon after the lunch celebrations, we couldn’t help but take a few moments to place ourselves in this stunning landscape at Flagstaff hill with a view that went for miles.

The couple then joined the rest of their family to celebrate their nuptials, and we reconvened at 4pm. We’d chosen the location of North Wollongong beach, towards Fairy Creek and Puckey’s Beach, as there was a large variety of beautiful and natural backdrops to choose from. The engagement shoot was done in the Wollongong Botanic Gardens, so we opted for something very different.

The clouds by now had all but covered the sky with storms off towards the horizon. We weren’t going to get the lens-flare inducing golden light that we had planned for – so we chose to embrace the clouds and rough seas for some amazing dramatic and stormy shots.

It was around this point that I began to continually apologize to Brittany and Adam, because every where I turned I saw the opportunity for a new shot with this amazing couple. The red hues of the bouquet complimented the white lace of Brittany’s dress perfectly, and the white lace popped out from the dark background like a beacon. The couple was stunning and really lit up the landscape.

As the sun crept lower and lower, we turned around towards the Fairy Creek Lagoon for some more comfortable and warmer toned shots.

Our final set of images came about as we were leaving the area and I had turned my head to the right, my line of sight just happened to line up with a row of grand and imposing trees outside the lagoon restaurant. Another apology was sent the couples way before setting up for our last shot. At this point we were all beginning to feel exhausted, and Brittany just sunk into Adams arms.