Birthdays, Christenings, and Gatherings, oh my!

So these are all the events that aren’t corporate events, weddings, or reunions. I mostly do birthdays, and those are usually for one year olds or twenty-one year olds. But I do other ages too. I do all the ages! If you’re having a party, I’ll come shoot it! I mean, you gotta pay me though. And I don’t take payments in cake.

  • So I charge hourly
  • Except for the first two hours
  • I charge travel outside of Wollongong
  • The images are on a USB
  • I don’t edit these as much as wedding or portraits
  • Usually cos there’s a LOT of photos
  • Anyway the packages start from $290

And now here’s wonderwall:

Not wonderwall actually, it’s just a gallery placeholder.

And here’s another line. That means another call to action.


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