Let’s get messy!

That’s a pretty terrible filler line for the title of this page. I’ll think of something better. Anyway this is where I write about my cake and or fruit smash packages. These are super cute for your little ones that are just able to sit up and eat solids. I help do all the theming, and they can go outdoors or indoors. It does get messy though, and I harbour no responsibility for all your blueberry stained whities.

What’s included in the cake/fruit smash:

  • I literally just copy pasted this
  • They go for like, an hourish
  • You get some prints and stuff
  • Even a disc
  • And this is how much it’ll cost!


Here are some adorable cake-smothered kids:

Placeholder gallery!


And here is my call to action placeholder too!

Legitimately not a real button. Not even a link. Fooled you.

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