The Seven Stages of Grieving.

Digital Double Exposure Photographs
A3 size Pearl Prints


Grief is a process that we all experience differently. In On Death and Dying, Elizabeth Kübler-Ross would have us believe that there are 5 stages of grief; others say there are 7.
However, no two people will ever experience these stages in the same way.

1. Shock, denial, disbelief.
2. Pain and guilt.
3. Anger and bargaining.
4. Depression, reflection, and loneliness.
5. The Upward Turn.
6. Reconstruction and Working Through.
7. Acceptance and Hope.

Grief is one guarantee in life – alongside death and taxes. However, the grieving process
is highly subjective. One cannot guarantee that each individual will experience grief as
Kübler-Ross would have it. Grief is ambiguous. It can manifest itself in ghostly ways; it
may be all but invisible. It may have a person locked away in a room for days or even
months. Grief is evolving, shifting, changing, and a journey to find new purpose.

In The 7 Stages of Grieving we see a young woman’s journey through these stages after
the loss of her long-term partner. We see her through each of the (however disputed) 7
stages, each one different from the last; we see the act of grieving itself as it dynamically
evolves from one form to another. Some may recognize these actions in others; some
may have experienced a number of these themselves.

Through the use of digitally combining 3 separate long exposures for each stage, we see
the actions through which a person expresses their journey – their inner turmoils, and
how they manifest themselves physically.

Grief is a journey; however, hope is the destination.

Model: Natahlia Barca


1. Shock, denial, disbelief.


2. Pain and guilt.


3. Anger and bargaining.


 4. Depression, reflection, and loneliness.


5. The Upward Turn.


6. Reconstruction and Working Through.


7. Acceptance and Hope


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