Mindful Balance

Digitally Manipulated and Collaged Photographs
5 x A4 pearl prints presented in a single line


Simplistic at first glance, Mindful Balance depicts personified mental states. However once having taken a closer look, the story of a struggle unfolds. Moving along the timeline from left to right, you see signs of pensiveness and thoughtfulness; a woman blissfully unaware – or perhaps deliberately maintaining a facade. As your gaze moves towards the right you begin to see a woman who is overtaken by fear, anxiety and inner demons. Mindful Balance is the art of maintaining composure in the face of adversity; while a battle takes place in the mind for control. In this particular instance, it seems that the negative impacts of this struggle seem to be outweighing the positive – however there is always a glimmer of hope.

This work is the product of 9 individual digital photographs. The centre image itself is the result of 5 images, combined to create a surreal vision of emotions simultaneously struggling against each other; the remaining 4 images flank the centre image to reveal the timeline of emotions. Through this the overwhelming nature of attempting to retain a mental balance while an inner battle is taking place becomes clear; each separate emotion may become dominant at one point in time, however they are all there at once, vying for control.


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