Hidden Worlds

Digital Photographs
6 x A4 square format pearl prints


At any given time, in any given location, there is a multitude of tiny, living creatures staying hidden from your eyes. You never realise how many there are until you stop to look closely; our human eyes skipping the smallest of details. Each tiny little hair on an ant’s body gone unnoticed as you step over it on your way to work, each beady little eye of a jumping spider spying the snack of a buzzing fly on your windowsill. These details which we seldom ever see, yet exist all around us.

Hidden Worlds seeks to reveal these details. Taking advantage of a macro lens in an assortment of places, using patience as a tool to capture the tiniest of creatures in a frame forever. Feel free to take a closer look – you may see patterns, colours and even limbs you may not known to have existed; and while you gaze upon these tiny, minuscule creatures –perhaps even entertain a thought: what would the world look like if you were the spider instead?





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